Red Headed Book Lover Blog, Your Blank Pages Have Been Revealed


Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve had to write anything up on BPR, but here we go again!

In the book world, it appears there is a “blogger/reviewer” who thinks it’s okay to charge authors to review their books. She likes to tell them it’s a great way to increase their sales because her reviews create “discoverability” of their work. Not only does she charge for these reviews but she solicits them from those who aren’t even authors! Seriously! This is going to be quick and easy. 

Here’s how this goes down. “Aimee Ann”, the administrator of Red Headed Book Lover Blog (which, by the way, isn’t even written properly, but we’ll get to that later), sends an email telling the “author” she would love to review their work. Upon going to her site, we see she will ONLY review the book on HER site and any other site which will allow paid reviews. Now, how this increases sales and discoverability, no one really knows. Think about it. If someone is going to purchase a book on Amazon, they’re going to look at Amazon reviews, not go searching all over the web for a review on some site that they’ve never heard of before.

And she calls her work “ethical” because she is so transparent about it. Those in the book world know reviews are NOT paid for! Do you pay someone to facilitate a review tour? Sure! But to pay a single person for a review? You are throwing money out the window. And the reason she doesn’t post her reviews on Amazon? You guessed it! She would have her account wiped in an instant!


So this is how the initial correspondence begins. “Aimee Ann” sends an email just gushing over the book she supposedly stumbled across. She fills it with all sorts of flowery language to stroke their ego and draw them in.


What she DOESN’T do is tell the author that she charges when she contacts them. Instead, she waits for their reply. 


Notice how this person asks some hot-button questions? You see, this person isn’t even an author, so it was quite suspicious when “Aimee Ann” contacted her in the first place. Then, “Aimee Ann” hits her with the fees.


She’s not a business but she charges for her “services”? Sounds like a business to us!


She’s even going to let you simply SEND her the money! Well, she’ll go on to tell you she will also invoice you, but we think that you can see where this is going. NEVER just send someone money unless you KNOW them! But wait! If you don’t want to send her a copy of your book, you can certainly send her the money for her to BUY your book! Huh?


Now, riddle us this: How can she respect this person as an author if this person isn’t, in fact, an author?! Wow … just … wow. Next, this “author” replies and asks “Aimee Ann” which book she would like to review. Wait for it …


This is … interesting.


So let us get this straight. This “author” says, “Yo, tell me which book you would like to review and I will send it right over,” and “Aimee Ann” replies with, “Pick one!” Listen folks, we’re going to go out on a limb here and say that this is a lesson for How to Spot a Scammer 101. This person has no clue what they are even talking about! 

Remember when we said we would get back to the spelling of her blog name? Here you go! Redheaded is ONE word, not two.


We bring this up is because “Aimee Ann” says she’s also offering book editing services. Authors beware, the grammar on her site is atrocious! Even her paragraph about the editing service is rife with mistakes! Here, see for yourselves.


There you have it, folks. What do you think? Would you pay this person $75.00 to review a book she can’t even spout off a title for? Think long and hard before you start throwing your money at people. 

Red Headed Book Lover Blog, your blank pages have been revealed and the book is closed. 

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  1. I’m SURE it’s a coincidence, but back in the day when I was a top reviewer on amazon, someone by the same name as this chick would copy/paste my (and other top reviewers’) reviewers into her own account. She’d sign up to get the items for free in exchange for agreeing to review and then just steal other people’s.

    Also that 50,000 traffic claim she makes?
    Here’s her Alexa rating at the time of this comment… Global 1,762,297

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  2. Yeah…I was stupid enough to fall for it. She seemed nice and I looked over her website and thought, “Holy sh*t! Look at all those comments on that book!” I’d never paid for a review before, but I thought (after additional info she sent me), “Wow! If she could drive that kind of traffic to my book, it would be worth it!” But I got nada. Zip. Zilch. Needless to say, I didn’t leave a testimonial and I will NOT be utilizing her services again. Great call, my friends.


      1. She did review it at least. And then the next day she said her readers like to interact, so it would be helpful if I left a comment (which I did). She also asked me to leave a testimonial (which I did not–because, by that point, I realize I’d been ripped off). Thanks for warning others! 🙂

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  3. I’m concerned by how many people have used this person to review their books. If you put the blog name into Facebook there are several authors who’ve had reviews from her!


  4. I think it needs to be said that ‘Red Headed Book Lover Blog’ is NOT Rachel Thompson with Bad Redhead Media nor is it Tiffany Fox with the site Redhead Book Services.

    There have been posts trying to link these two women to this person’s activities and it is just not true. Please do not be one of those people in the book community that try to stir shit or post misinformation just because it was heard from someone who might have an axe to grind. Both Rachel and Tiffany have had a transparent social media life as both themselves personally and their business name. (Even though Redhead Book Services is no longer doing business as that name). Red Headed Book Lover Blog’s Aimee Ann does not have an easily found FB personal presence nor page under that name, whereas both of the other redheads I have mentioned do.

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  5. I was contacted by the same person and then did my research. It led me here and so I must thank you for creating this post. I have done the same on my blog to warn writers of this scam. Thank you. LH

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  6. My new author friend was targetted by Amee Ann (Amy Mulholland) of He received lengthy ‘ over the top friendly’ emails saying how wonderful his book was and how she loved it so much. He was so pleased that someone was interested in reviewing his book and got pulled in immediately. She failed to mention she charges for the reviews in the initial email. Then suddenly remembered and was so sorry she forgot to tell him. This is typically how she operates. She love bombs you and then hits you with a fee.

    She told him she could guarantee book sales. He went ahead and paid for a review and made NO SALES at all. The review itself was appalling. I doubt she even read the book. I think she is a 100% scam artist. The home page has been leading with the same book for nearly 2 years but she keeps reposting it so it looks like that famous author paid for her services just the other day. They obviously didn’t.

    The number of comments on the main pages are huge but over 50% are hers. Go count them if you don’t believe me. She uses one line questions and then keeps posting them to crank up the posts under one comment and makes it look like a lot of people are interested in the books and the site. Most of the books on the site don’t have any comments at all. These are the poor authors who paid for her reviews.

    She offers to post on Amazon and Goodreads even though this is against terms of use. She knows this. She’s been told. I’ve just read that there is a caution against her on Selfpublishingadvice and Readers Favorite have banned her (both reputable sites). Spread the word guys because she brings disrepute to genuine reviewers and reviews. I feel totally sick that she is still doing this to people.

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  7. Further to my post about Aimee Ann and the Redheadedbooklover on 1 July 2018. My author friend has not complained publicly about this woman’s appalling business practices so she has no beef with him. However, he has now found out that his review, which he paid good money for, has been deleted from her site. It was up on her site for less than a year. There is no record of him ever having any book reviewed on this site at all now.

    She has also now become very ‘charitable’ claiming to donate to ‘wounded heroes’ type charities with her Amazon Associate earnings. How much is that? Probably not much, if anything at all. We should see statements for this if she is really serious about donating to charity. I suspect, however, it is to improve her image rather than anything else. I am screaming angry that this site is allowed to continue and that people are still be conned by her.

    Her site has been given a makeover recently. However, the same old ‘thrilling’ and ‘enthralling’ book reviews are being posted. I doubt she even reads most of the books she posts. She really is taking authors for a ride.

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  8. She’s still at it in 2019 and upped her price to $77. I received an unsolicited email from her the day my book released. I went to her blog and found it odd that a review for an older best seller was still on the main page. Also, I don’t have much money and have to spend it wisely. I’m so glad that I googled her to check it out. Thank you for posting warnings.


  9. Y’up; got scammed. I didn’t review her site carefully enough. And she accepted links to the sites in which she can’t post her reviews, as if she’d post there. That qualifies as “lying.”
    I don’t think I’ll be using the poorly-written review. Hopefully it might do some good on her site, and I might take a blurb and insert in a selection of them. Other than that, bye, bye 75 bucks.


  10. I received an email from Aimee Ann this morning. I’m new to self-publishing, but I know I scammer when I see one. After reading her diabetes-inducing email and about me page, it’s clear that she’s a loathsome human being.


  11. …. I got scammed. That is really disheartening to hear considering that now I doubt she even read my work. I should have looked more into her. Know better, do better I guess


  12. This scammer is still active as of March 2020.

    If you go and look at snapshots of her website on the internet archive, you can see she frequently changes the dates of her book reviews to fraudulently make it look like her reviews for popular books are current when they were in fact written years ago.

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  13. Just received the email last week. I did my research because it sounded a bit off. Glad to know my instincts were correct. Thanks!


  14. I just got an email from her this morning (Dec 2020)! I thought it seemed weird so naturally I did some research. Wow. Can’t believe this person is still operating when so many people are pointing out it’s a scam! Please authors. No matter how desperate you are for reviews, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Also. Don’t pay for reviews. Just don’t.


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