SE Chardou, Your Blank Pages Have Been Revealed



In the real, normal world, customers pay a professional for a service and then that professional completes the transaction by following through on whatever that service might be. This could be anything from hanging drywall to running a grocery store where people buy their weekly groceries. Whatever the service or services are, the expectation is that whomever utilizes them will pay for them in some way, be it through an agreed-upon price with money changing hands, or through bartering where goods are traded, or even through some sort of government assistance. Regardless of how payment is contracted, payment is transacted. This is the standard and always has been. This is not a new system nor is it an outrageous one.

And yet, for some reason, there will always be a few individuals who have entitled themselves into believing that they are above all decency and honesty and, through their own actions, demonstrate that they will steal whatever they choose to in order to make their lives easier at the expense of their friends and colleagues. Gambling on the close-knit community of their profession and assuming the individuals they fleeced won’t risk their own reputations, these sorts of people continue taking advantage of others and don’t care because as long as they reap the benefits, why should they?

Well, SE Chardou, your number is up and it’s time to care.

Motivation quote about lemons

It seems SE Chardou’s reputation for thievery is a long and sordid one. Our first lead took us to a RipOff Report from March of 2016. Here, we discovered a complaint about her taking money to format a person’s book yet never doing so. Not only that but also changing the person’s files and how nobody will report her because she’s also an author. We wonder how she is able to keep track of all her names: “Her LLC is fake.  reg # 20121754121 is in default. Registered agent Danielle Blanchard aka Danielle Benson, aka Elle Chardou aka SE Chardou aka Selene Chardou.”

Blank Pages Revealed began pulling at threads from various message boards we have access to, finding snippets of conversations here and there, and reached out to the unlimited resources we have who engage in a bit of skullduggery, and we discovered an alarming pattern in Chardou-Blanchard-Benson-Hardin. And it all begins with flattery, contracting with services, refusal to pay, and ending by ruining the other party’s reputation.

Sounds like a gem.

Do not cool

In the end, we uncovered SO MUCH evidence against SE Chardou, we didn’t know where to even begin, but we thought we would we just start with a few screenshots some of our top-secret agents recovered for us. Because the internet never forgets.

Like all authors, Chardou is a storyteller. She might even be a talented one. Her usual story generally preys on the tenderhearted who want to help a fellow indie writer, especially one who is trying to go to school and do right by her kids. This appears to be the case in these harvested shots where Chardou is being confronted about late payments:

Chardou 16

Chardou 15

Chardou 14

Chardou 13

Chardou 12

The indie industry is a perfect one for those authors who want to write yet balance a “real life”. That’s why there are so many designers, editors, personal assistants, etc., who are willing to work with authors on a contractual basis and try to meet everybody’s needs. On the flipside, however, there are the piranhas like Chardou who eat everybody’s faces off. We see this happening in these other shots involving her where she’s threatening the contractor, using blatantly threatening language:

email set 1 (1)

Chardou employed the services of an editor in 2013 for which she was invoiced and promised to pay. However, to this day, payment has not been received. In fact, despite the editor attempting to remain professional, she has only received promises of a laptop in lieu of payment as well as an endless list of excuses as to why Ms. Chardou is unable to make payment. One statement to the editor (via Chardou’s then PA) even said payment wasn’t owed because Chardou chose to use someone else’s edits and even unpublished the book, though she never disputed the original edits; she only made excuses as to why she was unable to make payment:


In the following conversation, Chardou mixes up her words with “bill me for the editing I did for you” rather than “the editing you did for me” but the situation still stands . . . she promised payment and then made excuses . . . again:

FullSizeRender (1)

We wanted to see if we could find evidence of this type of abusive behavior in other circumstances. And we did. Even worse, and with no reason, Chardou’s threatening behavior goes off the rails. First, we see one anonymous message sent to an author’s website contact email system warning that author about two other authors in the industry. Because Chardou is awesome like that:


If you notice the date, you’ll see that it was sent on January 5th of this year. Well, this message was not received with an open heart and this author, knowing from whence it came, took her complaint where all authors take their complaints: social media. 

The author soon after received three other “anonymous” messages:

Chardou 3

Chardou 4

Chardou 5

On Chardou’s Facebook page, we see her not only drawing attention to these same messages, but denying she had anything to do with them. Her first claim was that she did not personally know the author at all, anyway, so why would she have supposedly contacted her? This is actually not true, as the following retrieved screenshot indicates:

Chardou 1

And her final claim is that she doesn’t have a address, so of course she couldn’t have sent these threatening and offensive messages. She only has a email address. We immediately thought this was an interesting argument to make. First, why would a person naturally assume an email address such as would automatically imply a British email address and not just an address written incorrectly? That seems like a strange leap to make, especially when Microsoft stopped supporting in June of 2016, at least six months before Chardou used it as an excuse:

Chardou (1)

So, are there any real smoking guns in our case against SE Chardou? We have several retrieved screenshots of messages between her and people she refuses to pay, and she then threatens when they insist she fulfill her part of the contract. We have recovered the messages she sent to another author calling her a cunt and a whore, and threatening to bury her in her grave—an identical phrase she used in conversations with another author she refused to pay—and then her denial of not sending those messages, which were easily disproven.

Smoking Gun Evidence concept

We also took time to put together messages about how she treated and belittled her former personal assistant. Not cool, Chardou.

Illustration depicting cutout printed letters arranged to form the word love.

These might not be clear indications of a smoking gun, but they sure are proof of a real bitch. Why are people still willingly working with her?

Don't know




2 thoughts on “SE Chardou, Your Blank Pages Have Been Revealed

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  1. So glad this new blog crossed my feed today… Wouldn’t work with this woman without an invoice paid in full ahead of time, screen-shotting everything (sending her finished work, hell, even recording me doing the work), and a contract to hit her with if she ever tried to force a refund… And even then, probably not even with a 50-foot pole. Professionalism speaks loud and clear, and when other people in the same business as me (not to mention customers she herself robbed when taking their money for formatting never completed) speak out, well… Yeah, never. Author service providers, you have clearly been warned…


  2. Wow. There are some shameless people out there. I’m glad you guys are shedding some light on this unregulated industry. Many indie authors are good people, but there are always those who prey on the kind and trusting. Thanks for doing what you’re doing. As a reader, I want to know these things. I don’t want to support someone who is abusive or dishonest.

    Liked by 1 person

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